The final 10% of your course grade reflects the degree to which your presence in our class has been a boon to the rest of us. Do your behavior, comments, interactions, and contributions enhance your peers’ learning? Do you move the conversation forward in productive ways? Please note that that is not the same thing as simply raising your hand often; nor does that mean showing off how much you know in ways that shut other people down. Rather, it means listening thoughtfully to what your peers have to say and responding directly to their comments, referring to them by their names and explaining how your comment relates to theirs (“this is building on what Peter said,” or “I have a different interpretation from what Maddie said …”).

Another way to contribute to our conversations is to comment in the comment boxes that exist at the bottom of every page on our website. I urge you to use these as a way of sharing ideas, links, observations, and questions that will benefit your peers’ learning. Have fun with them too!

Your zoom etiquette has a major impact on the dynamic of the classroom. Please:

  • Keep your video on at all times, unless there is an emergency. You are welcome to choose an appropriate background image rather than showing us the room you are sitting in.
  • Mute yourself when you aren’t speaking.
  • Sit in a chair, not on your bed.
  • Because we will be looking at images in every class, you must come to class on a laptop, not a phone.
  • Your laptop should be on a steady, stable surface, like a desk or a table, not your lap.
  • Do not go to other websites, or engage in other online activities, during class time.
  • If you cannot resist the temptation to do things on your phone during class, keep your phone far away from where you are sitting. It is very obvious when someone is looking at their phone rather than at their laptop. Please be advised that I will send you a warning in the chat if I can see that you are on your phone. This means that your being on your phone has distracted me from the topic we are discussing and from the rest of the students. That will have consequences for your citizenship grade.
  • Have a conversation with your roommate about the hours when you are zooming into class, and work out a system so that your roommate does not need to be changing their clothes in your zoom background.

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