Homer’s Odyssey

Some of the many works inspired by Homer’s Odyssey:

  • Margaret Atwood’s novel, The Penelopiad (2005), a feminist retelling of the Odyssey from the perspective of Penelope.
  • The film O Brother Where Art Thou (2000) made by the Coen brothers and starring George Clooney. (note for post 2: there are several posts on this film already; please check with me if you are thinking about writing on this film.)
  • Derek Walcott’s epic poem Omeros (1990), a post-colonial retelling of the Iliad and Odyssey set on the island of St. Lucia. Walcott won the Nobel prize in literature in 1992.
  • Romare Bearden’s Odyssey collages (1977). Email me if you’d like to write about one of these images. I will send you the relevant text from the catalogue. (note for post 2: you must choose a different image from this series than those that have already been written about)
  • Jonathan Shay’s study of PTSD in veterans, Odysseus in America: Combat Trauma and the Trials of Homecoming (2003)

Try googling the names of key characters from the poem to find more works.