Final Projects

Thou Shalt Not Kill…. with some exceptions

For my Final Project, I created a Ted Talk to tackle the controversial themes of revenge and retribution discussed in the Bible and how it relates to the classic text, The Odyssey by Homer. Both texts teach us core values that can be translated into our modern-day society. Specifically, the Bible’s ambiguity between the Old and New Testament on violence and revenge has stimulated countless discussions and debates on the Bible’s true meaning. With a sociological lens, we are able to relate these core teachings with our society’s issues, structure, and legal system. After my Ted Talk, I hope viewers come away with a greater understanding of the prevalence of legal “eye for an eye” policies in America and why they still continue to exist today due to the influence from our most prevalent texts.


Paige Halverson


Hi! My name is Paige Halverson, and I am from Dallas, TX. I am interested in the sciences and art history, and I plan on majoring in neuroscience and minoring in French. I love to play tennis with my sister, go on long walks with my dog, and cook with my mom.